Arthur Construction’s work is unquestionably well performed with outstanding results each & every time. They have been able to deliver where other contractors have failed. Thanks Arthur!!”

I’ve worked with Josh Rae for twelve years in three different roles: colleagues in the beginning, then CEO of my own recruitment firm utilizing Josh Rae’s consultative skills from across the U.S. and, as a business partner.

I’ve never met such a consummate professional in every aspect in the field of recruiting and human capital management. Josh Rae is a tireless worker who continually helps clients & candidates achieve their respective objectives and career goals.

Josh Rae is THE most thorough in asking questions to ensure he knows EXACTLY whom the client is seeking and whom the candidate would be most perfectly matched with, amongst their prospective new employer.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to any organization looking to secure the finest executives in the most expedient manner. I also recommend him to any executive who is seeking the finest representation in order to elevate their career to the next level and beyond.

I don’t say this as a colleague, but as an “observer” who has witnessed Josh Rae’s work ethic and recruitment skills time and time again over many years.

Our residents appreciated Arthur’s good-natured and efficient crews and the quality work they gave us. I recommend Arthur Construction to any municipality for their sidewalk and stormwater management needs.

I live in Front Royal Va. My family owns a tree and landscaping business and we face all types of people from diffent ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures on a regular basis. I have to say that your crew is one of the most hard working group of people that Ive observed in very long time. Their kindness and consideration while working here was a breath of fresh air. Your crew has shown a diligence, dedication and a team work ethic rarely seen anymore in this day and age and you should be very proud to have these guys working for you. Most importantly, their respectful manner and concern for my safety was an unexspected pleasantry. Thank you for a job well done. A great bunch of guys to deal with.

I must congratulate you on your work and design on ALL you work on these two roads. All s/w’s, c/g and cg12 looks fantastic. Under the direction of Tony, Miguel and Florentino, your employees have worked incessantly, very well and very hard. All foremen, finishers, labors,operators etc. Showed skill, outstanding workmanship and pride in their profesion. Even thru those horrid hot days, they operated as a well oiled machine. Please share with the employees involved in these roads and pass on my sincere thanks. When Arthur Construction looks good it makes it look like I know what I am doing!